Study on Tămâioasă Românească Wine Composition Obtained Throught Different Prefermentative Treatments

  • Maria CODREANU
  • Valeriu V. COTEA
  • Marius NICULAUA
  • Camelia LUCHIAN
Keywords: prefermentative treatments, Tămâioasă româneasă, wine, chitosan, oenological carbon


In this study a number of seven prefermentative treatments were conducted in order to improve the compositional characteristics of certain wines obtained from Tămâioasă românească grape varieties. The samples were treated with: oxalic acid, lactic acid, succinic acid, ellagic tannins, bentonite, chitosan and oenological carbon. Folin-Ciocâlteu index showed that the use of pre-fermentative treatments decreased the amount of phenolic compounds from 410.38 mg/L to 202,17 mg/L.Major color and hue differences for Tămâioasă românească wines are found in the samples treated with loxalic acid and activated carbon. Metal content revealed that bentonite treatment contributed at increasing the amount of sodium in wines. Calcium content increased due prefermentative treatments application from 10,67 mg/L to 41,29 mg/L. Coper conent was under detection limit of 0.01 mg/L (SLD <0.01 mg/L).