Road Surveying Using a Mobile Laser Scanning System

  • Nelu Ștefan
  • Dacian Paul Marian University of Petrosani
  • Ioel Samuel Vereș
Keywords: Mobile laser scanning, INS/GPS, Road inspection


Given that, in the recent years, the technique and technology has an impressive development and the topographic measurement equipment became increasingly sophisticated, the 3D laser scanning technology is the latest technology in the field, revolutionizing the topographic measurement technique. This technology allows solving problems that traditional methods would require excessive costs or it would be impossible to fulfil. Each scanning operation generates a “point cloudâ€, points whose position is defined by the (x, y, z) coordinates in the scanner’s own coordinate system. Since the laser scanning system is equipped with a navigation system (INS/GPS) the points coordinates will be defined in the WGS 84 coordinate system.