Noise Level in Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Claudia Balint, Lucian Petzocas, Antonia Odagiu, Cristian Iederan, Dragoș Oroian


Due to the importance of noise pollution, the European Commission has published a Green Paper on future noise policy. The experiment is located in Cluj-Napoca. The noise level was measured three times a week, between March and May 2020, in the busiest points of Cluj's districts. The present study shows that the largest exceedances of the allowed limit of 65 db during March - May 2016, was registered in the Mănăştur district of Cluj-Napoca. Also, exceedances of the normal allowed limits were registered in the Mărăşti district in the Cluj-Napoca municipality, but in this case the value was lower, compared to the one registered in the Mănăştur district, respectively 67.66 db. These values raise an alarm, requiring action by the authorities to reduce them.


district, European directives, monitoring, noise pollution

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