Case study on the waste sorting and transfer station S.C. ECO 5 Ardeal S.R.L.

Ioan Brașovean, Antonia Odagiu, Cristian Iederan, Petru Burduhos, Bianca Moldovan


Eco 5 Ardeal SRL Mihai Viteazu was born following the decision of the Local Councils Mihai Viteazu, Băișoara, Iara, Călărași and Moldovenești to associate, for the management of sanitation problems of the belonging localities. Later, the communes of Ciurila and Petreștii de Jos also joined the association. Eco 5 Ardeal SRL Mihai Viteazu carries out sanitation activities in 7 communes, respectively 50 localities of Cluj County, serving a population of about 22,000 inhabitants. At the Mihai-Viteazu working point, the waste collected selectively from the beneficiaries (population, economic agents, public institutions) is brought and a sorting is performed in the sorting installation, on tape, the recyclable waste being weighed, sorted, pressed for baling and prepared for various final recoverers/recyclers. The company is registered at the Trade Register Office under number J12/1231/2010, having CUI RO 27234526 and started to operate effectively on 30.11.2010.


waste management, household waste, sorting, transfer.

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