Monitoring Soil Quality in Pata Rât Area

Teodora Rusu, Antonia Odagiu, Claudia Balint, Petru Burduhos, Dragoș Oroian


Storage of waste in simple landfills leads to considerable harmful effects over time. As long as this waste was
produced in small quantities, its negative influence on the environment was also reduced by the fact that annihilation was
possible through natural factors in the environment. At the moment, the old non-compliant landfill at Pata Rât, a
warehouse that did not have an operating license during the operation, is in the closing and greening stage. This study
was performed to determine the degree of soil pollution, respectively to establish the quality class of the land located in
the perimeter of Apahida commune, Dezmir locality, Cluj county, located near the Pata Rât landfill. In the perimeter of
the waste storage ramp from Pata Rât, waste was stored without separating them into categories of materials and without
any treatment or neutralization. Regarding heavy metal pollution, two limits were determined that exceed the maximum
allowed value (respectively for Nickel from 50 to 57.4 mg / kg (increase by 14.8%) and for Lead from 50 to 72.2 mg/kg
SU (increase by 44.4%).


heavy metals, industry, pollution, waste.

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