Initiatives for Environmental Protection in Technological Processes of Cement Production. A Case Study: Holcim S.A.

Cristian Mălinaș, Antonia Odagiu, Anamaria Mălinaș, Dan Pahuță, Ioan Brașovean, Daniel Ovidiu Ștefan


The technological processes of cement production involve a significant consumption of thermal and electrical energy, but also emissions of dust and greenhouse gases. This sector of industry is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions, more than all trucks in the world. The latest technologies in the field of cement production, which use a lower percentage of clinker, have reduced emissions, despite the cement worldwide demand increases. In this context, this research addresses a topical issue in the field of cement production, aiming at the analysis and synthesis of technological processes in cement production. The Holcim company (Romania), analyzed by us, is the first producer of cement, concrete and aggregates which implemented in Romania the concept of ecological concrete production. The results of our study can serve as a pattern for sustainable practices in the cement production sector.


cement, technological processes, polluting emissions, sustainable development.

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