Monitoring Drinking Water in Gherla Municipality

Claudia Balint, Antonia Odagiu, Cosmin Pușkaș, Tania Mihăiescu, Bianca Moldovan


Water is an indispensable element for life and society, raw material for productive activities, energy source and means of transport, a determining factor in maintaining the ecological balance. The experiment took place in Gherla, Cluj County. The following water quality indicators were determined: pH, conductivity and turbidity, during March - May, 2020. The monitoring of the physical parameters of the drinking water quality in the municipal network was performed every week, which allowed obtaining monthly and full averages experimental - April-May 2020, in this way useful and edifying information was obtained regarding the monitored parameters. The analyzed water quality indicators vary within the limits accepted by Law no. 458/2002 regarding the quality of drinking water.


conductivity, pH, turbidity, water quality indicators.

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