Environmental Impact of Valea Vinului (Romania) Closed Mine Acid Mine Drainages (AMDs) on Surface Water Quality

Radu Mihăiescu, Tania Mihăiescu, Antonia Odagiu, Andras Istvan Barta, Francesco Taddei


Economic reasons and environmental concerns led since 2005 to a substantial decrease of the mining activities for complex minerals in Romania. Valea Vinului mining area, located in the National Park Rodnei Mountains was subjected, as the majority of mining operations in Romania, to closure and conservation programs. Although, since 2007 mining activities ceased in this area, and measures to contain the pollution were applied, acid mine drainage (AMD) still remains a problem, contributing to the deterioration of the surface water quality. The study was focused on assessing the impacts of the collected and treated mine waters, on the chemical quality of Valea Bailor River, tributary of Somes Mare River. The results of the analyses were revealed based on the variation of the main mine waters indicators, namely, the water quality was characterized on the basis of the Fe, Pb, Zn and Cu contents and on the basis of the pH and electrical conductivity. For interpretation, the obtained values were related to the limits imposed by the Romanian Legislation.


mining activities, acid mine drainage, environmental impact, water quality, heavy metals.

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