Study Concerning the Evolution of the Production of Wood Used as Biofuel. Note 1: Report Performed Worldwide, and by Continents

Ovidiu Ștefan, Antonia Odagiu, Petru Burduhos, Cristian Iederan


Oak forests are important sources of wood, which is used as biofuel, and through its fruits and acorns is rightly considered among the sources of feed destined to animals. The raw data for timber production of species other than conifers for use as biofuel were extracted from the FAO database, both for worldwide production and by continents, for the whole period between 1961 and 2020. Over the whole period under study, worlwide was reported a mean production of 1,505,000,000 m3. At the level of continents, for the mentioned period, the following averages are registered: 9,000,000,000 m3 for Oceania, 86,000,000 m3 for Europe, 240,000,000 m3 for America, 455,000,000 m3 for Africa. In the case of Asia, the highest average wood mass is 713,000,000 m3.


ecosystem, forestry services, mean, species.

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