Testing the Efficacy of Lavender and Rosemary Extracts in Fight Against Late Blight in Tomatoes

Roxana Sabo, Antonia Odagiu, Ioan Brașovean, Cristian Iederan


Tomato is one of the most important vegetables grown due to its nutritional value, having an important role in the daily diet of the population, being a very healthy food. Globally, about 4,848,000 ha are cultivated with tomatoes that ensure a production of 182,301,395 tons, of which about 10% is produced in the EU. The largest areas cultivated with tomatoes were, in 2017 in Asia, about 54% of the total followed by Africa, which accounted for 27% of global areas. The lowest attack degrees are reported in conditions of conventional treatment, followed by administration of lavender extract and rosemary extract. Best plant development expressed in number of leaves, flowers and fruits, is reported in variants unconventionally treated with lavender and rosemary extracts, but in terms of fruits, the conventional treatment also led to best results (2 fruits/tomato plant).


attack degree, flower, fruit, leaf.

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