Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals - Specific Issues for Baia Mare Area

  • Coman Mirela USAMV-CN, IPM
  • V. Oros
  • Bianca Fălăuş
  • R. Pop
Keywords: mining activities, heavy metals, environmental impact


The mining activity, practices in Baia Mare for over 100 years, has led to pollution and economic sealing of large areas of land; it has adversely affected the environment and now poses a significant risk to human health. The actual sources of pollution, current or historical, in Baia Mare Depression are SC Romplumb SA, SC Cuprom SA and CNMPN Remin SA. The mining activities left over wide areas ponds, mine waste dumps and the underground waters that come across the existing mine galleries spring out contaminated and sometimes in an uncontrolled manner. Heavy metals are present in the environmental factors from this area and significantly affect local ecosystems and human health. The paper presents details on soil pollution with heavy metals, problem that has gradually found a solution in the environmental rehabilitation projects, activities that requiring investment of time and specialists in this field.