Successful Treatment of Bloody Milk Not Associated With Physiologic Udder Edema in Lactating Holstein Dairy Cows Using Intravenous Formalin Administration

Zuhair Bani Ismail


This study was carried out to evaluate the safety and efficacy of intravenous injection of 500-ml of 0.37% formalin as a treatment of hemolactia not associated with physiologic udder edema in dairy cattle. The drug preparation was injected intravenously via jugular venous catheter to 15 adult lactating Holstein dairy cows suffering from hemolactia in one or more quarters once per day. Another 10 cows with hemolactaia were not treated and used as a control. Cows were subjected to a complete physical examination before administration and daily for 7 days thereafter. Hematology, serum biochemistry, and the coagulation times (prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time and thrombin time) in addition to D-dimers, fibrinogen concentration and platelets counts were evaluated before injection and 1 week after the last injection to assess short-term effects. Hematology and serum biochemical analyses were also carried out in 10 normal cows for comparison. In addition, cows were followed-up for 12 months after the end of treatment for long-term side effects. Approximately eighty-one percent (81.25%) of affected quarters were cured in an average of 4 days in the formalin-treated cows while less than 50% of cows that were not treated cured in approximately 7 to 8 days. There were no clinical, hematological or serum biochemical abnormalities associated with the injection of the drug. Platelets numbers were significantly increased and the activated partial thromboplastin clotting times (APTT) were significantly decreased in treated cows at 1 week after the last injection. Results of this study prove safe and effective, yet widely available and cheap treatment for dairy cows affected with hemolactia. This treatment will prevent significant production losses due to discard of unfit for human consumption bloody milk.


bloody milk, coagulation, formalin, hemolactia, mastitis

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