The Conservative Approach to Dental Crown Fractures in Dogs and Cats

Raluca Ioana NEDELEA, Adrian TOMA, Andreea MARINCUS


Dental crown fractures in small animal pathology are common dental issues in every day practice. The most frequently performed procedure is extraction with all the negative consequences.
The conservative approach to dental crown fractures involves endodontic treatment and coronal reconstruction in order to keep the fractured teeth on the dental arch.
They were taken into study 74 dental crown fractures involving the pulp chamber, leaving the root undamaged.
Clinical and radiological one-year check-up revealed us that the conservative approach to dental crown fractures in dogs and cats, when the selection criteria correspond to the indications of the specialized literature and when it is performed by latest protocols, is a reliable alternative to veterinary dental extractions.


cat; dental fractures; dog; endodontic treatment; dental crown.

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