Histochemical Assessment of Mucin-Secreting Cells from the Gastric Mucosa of Guinea Pigs

Adriana CHENDE, Vasile RUS, Cristian MARTONOS, Dalma PIVARIU, Aurel DAMIAN, Viorel MICLĂUȘ, Adrian GAL


Stomach fragments from 3 guinea pigs were collected from the three regions: cardiac, fundic and pyloric, for histochemical investigations. The anatomical segments were processed by the classical method of inclusion in paraffin and the histological sections were stained with PAS reaction for highlighting the neutral mucins and the Alcian blue method for acid mucins. All the surface cells of the gastric mucosa and in the crypts were positive on the PAS reaction and negative in the case of the alcian blue reaction. This demonstrates that cells on the surface and in the crypts synthetize neutral mucins. In the case of the cardiac region glands, only a small number of cells were positive on the two histochemical reactions, which shows that the cardiac glands in guinea pig synthesize a very small amount of neutral and acidic mucins. There are no positive cells in neither reaction used in the fundic glands case, which shows that these glands do not synthesize mucins, neither neutral nor acidic content. The glands located in the pyloric region have cells in the deep half of the wall which were positive on both histochemical reactions, which shows that they synthesize both neutral mucins and acidic mucins.


guinea pig; gastric glands.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:2020.0032

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