Incidence and hormonal stimulation of cows with ovarian hypotrophy

Daniel BEREAN, Liviu Marian BOGDAN, Ileana BOGDAN, Anamaria BLAGA PETREAN, Mihai CENARIU, Sidonia BOGDAN


The purpose of this research was to establish the incidence and to compare the efficiency of two products used for the hormonal stimulation of ovarian hypotrophy. Gynaecological investigations were performed in 2 farms. The animals with ovarian hypotrophy (ovaries smaller than normal and with a slippery surface) were divided in 2 equal groups depending on the protocol applied: Progesterone (Prid Delta, CEVA) and Progesterone (Dehydroxyprogesterone 10%, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca). In case of group 1 the treatment was performed with Prid Delta (CEVA), vaginal use, 1.55 g of progesterone/animal for 7 days. For the animals of group 2 the treatment was performed with Dehydroxyprogesterone, subcutaneous injection, 1.5 g of dehydroxyprogesterone/animal for 7 days. For each group were observed: the estrous signals, the interval of estrous apparition, the number of gestation obtained after the first artificial insemination.


estrous; ovarian hypotrophy; anestrous syndrome.

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