Dental Treatment for a European Red Tail Deer

Raluca Ioana NEDELEA, Adrian TOMA, Andreea MĂRINCUȘ


The veterinarian doctor has to be prepared to help various kind of species. Our team had to perform dental treatment for a five years old European red tail deer. The deer was eating with difficulty. Even thou it was a hot summertime, the hind presented late shedding. Her calm and kind behaviour changed into an aggressive one. She was biting cold, metal objects, obviously to calm her dental pain. Our approach aimed to re-establish the biological and physiological balance of the oral cavity. A thorough general exam was performed for differential diagnosis. Oral examination revealed an aggressive periodontal disease. Surgical extractions were the only possible treatment. One year follow up is good, changing the prognosis from a reserved one into very good.


dentistry; deer; periodontolohy; extractions.

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