Control of Puerperium in a Dairy Farm using an Intrauterine Suspension

Daniel BEREAN, Liviu Marian BOGDAN, Ileana BOGDAN, Ovidiu GIURGIU, Anamaria Blaga PETREAN, Simona CIUPE, Emoke PALL, Sidonia BOGDAN


The purpose of this research was to evaluate a product developed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cluj Napoca and his efficiency in the control of the puerperium at cows. The study was carried out between January 2017 to December 2018 in a dairy farm from Mures county, Romania. In this study were enclosed 60 cows, randomly divided in 3 groups: Puerperal group (group 1), Puerperal and Estrumate group (group 2), and control group (group 3). For each group the treatment applied for the control of puerperium was different. For each group were followed: the evolution of puerperium, the appearance of the first postpartum estrous cycle, the interval of service period and the number of artificial inseminations necessary for one gestation. For the puerperium control and to avoid the postpartum complications Puerperal intrauterine suspension it’s a good option.


endometritis; estrous; puerperium.

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