Incidence of Pet Intoxications in the Emergency Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

Amalia Marina NEAGU, Ecaterina DIAC, Andrei Razvan CODEA, Andras NAGY, Adrian OROS, Alexandra DREANCĂ


Veterinary toxicology is a common field in veterinary medicine, being a science closely related to other clinical and para clinical disciplines. The multitude of toxics and the ability of each organism to respond differently to them, non-specific clinical signs and an inadequate anamnesis can often put the clinician in difficulty when seeking to diagnose. The aim of the study was to highlight the incidence of pet poisoning cases, over a period of 10 years of time at the emergency clinic, faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. An epidemiological study was performed with the help of the emergency clinic archive, where the files of the intoxicated patients were selected. The data were centralized in the Microsoft Office Excel. The results obtained revealed the sum of 256 cases of pet poisoning in the last ten years (0.611% of the number of cases registered during this period), of which the predominantly affected species was the dog of mixed breed. Also, within the most common poisonings, the ones with ethylene glycol and anticoagulants rodenticides were observed. In the present study a correlation was established between breed, age, sex and the most frequent incidence of poisoning, common toxins and the connection between the periods of the year.


incidence; toxic; pets; poisoning.

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