Research on the Distribution of Coronary Arteries in Pig (Sus Scrofa Domesticus)

Gavrilă ZAGRAI, Cristian Romeo BELU, Iulian DUMITRESCU, Ștefania Mariana RAITA, Mădălina DOBRILĂ, Gabriel COTOR, Sorina Andreea MIHAI, Dragoș Corneliu COTOR, Aurel DAMIAN


Pigs are some of the most widely used experimental models, an advantage being the characteristics of homeostasis and many morphological features comparable to those in humans. For this reason, we addressed this topic in this paper, with the major objective of completing the data and even identifying some features not described in the literature. The present study was performed on 20 pig carcasses, with different weights and ages (2-4 months). The aim was to highlight some peculiarities regarding the coronary artery system in this species, using as a method the injection of vessels with contrasting plastic material. The collaterals and terminals of the coronary arteries, their distribution territories as well as the identified individual variants were described. As a general conclusion, regardless of the polymorphism in all dissected cases, the left coronary artery was the dominant artery, there being no exception from the data known in the literature.


heart; swine; coronary arteries.

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