The Glucose Level of Blood Collected from Rabbits (Belgian Giant Breed) and Hares (Lepus europaeus Pallas)

Gabriela Frunză Tărnăuceanu, Cecilia Pop, Paul C. Boișteanu


This paper is part of a broader study aimed at comparative characterization of the rabbits (Belgian Giant breed) and hares (Lepus Europaeus Pallas) of meat and physiological status. For hares very few data are available and were observed significant differences at the level of females and males in two studies carried out in Italy (Paci et al., 2007, 2006) in which were evaluated implications of the stress, of habitat and density on metabolic profile. The purpose of this study was to establish the energetic profile of rabbits (Belgian Giant breed) and hares (Lepus Europaeus Pallas) by determining the glucose level of blood. The biological material consisted of 85 individuals: 49 hares and 36 rabbits. The energetic profile has been determined using ACCENT 200 automatic device. To test the statistical significance of differences of obtained results, we used ANOVA Single Factor algorithm. Mean values of the glucose level have varied for rabbits (90.8 mg/dL for females and 97.3 mg/dL for males) and hares (132.3 mg/dL for females and 124.9 mg/dL for males). After applying statistical analysis were revealed insignificant differences between sexes (p<0.05) at the level of the same species. The variation of glucose level for hares and rabbits is mainly due to the stress factor, in hares having a more pronounced character since they are wild animals.



blood; energetic profile; hare; rabbit

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