Studies Regarding the Biological Parameters of Azov Shad (Alosa tanaica, Grimm, 1901) from the Romanian Black Sea Coast

  • George Tiganov "Lower Danube University" Galati, National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta
  • Lucian Oprea Faculty of Food Science and Engineering, “Lower Danube” University of Galati, Domnească Str, 111, Galati
  • Valodia Maximov National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta, Mamaia Bvd, 300, Constanta
Keywords: Black Sea, Azov shad, catches, length, weight, age


Azov shad (Alosa tanaica, Grimm 1901) is a marine anadromous species, which migrates for spawning from sea into fresh water lakes and rivers. It winters in the sea and appears close to shore in spring when the water temperature reaches the value of approximately 6 degrees Celsius. The paper presents the biological parameters such as length and weight class structure, age, sex ratio and degree of maturation of the commercial fish Azov shad belonging  to  the  family Clupeidae.  The  investigations were  performed  during  2014 on  fish  caught  along  the entire Romanian coast  from  Sulina  to  Vama Veche. The study of the behaviour of Azov shad (reproduction, migration, feeding) is important to understand the impact on populations and to find sustainable solutions to manage these aspects. The preference for certain areas of distribution, for feeding and breeding was determined by analysing samples collected by passive fishing (shad gillnets set in all fishing points across the Romanian Coast). The main aim of this research is to identify the current state of Azov shad population along the Black Sea Coast considering that its biology and conservation are less known.