Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 (IRF3) Characterisation in Four Mammalian Species Using Bioinformatics Method

Sanda MOFOYEKE, Adenaike ADEYEMI, Fafiolu ADEBOYE, Adeyinka SANDA, Christian IKEOBI


IRF3 has gained recognition as a key transcriptional regulator of type1 interferon (IFN) gene expression which induces response to pathogenic infection. The advancement in technology and molecular biology has led to bioinformatics, this field is widely accepted because it is effective and saves time. This study made use of bioinformatics approach to identify and characterize IRF3 in four mammalian species namely: cattle, rabbit, pig and water buffalo. Evolutionary relationships inferred among the IRF3 of four mammalian and other species showed a high level of relatedness. Leucine was the most abundant residue while serine which plays a major role in maintenance of a healthy immune system was present in all the species. The information obtained in this study could serve as a guide when using the IRF3 gene as a marker to select animals for disease resistance because of the critical role they play in antiviral defense.


Interferon regulatory factor; bioinformatics; mammals.

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