Gravel Quarries Could Affect Vimba Bream (Vimba vimba Linnaeus 1758) Populations from Someș River, Romania



The European stocks of vimba bream (Vimba vimba) are presently declining, having a "vulnerable" status in some countries. In Romania, there is a lack of scientific studies regarding the species. In order to supplement existing information about this species, specimens of vimba bream were collected from the middle sector of Someș River (Transylvania). Age, length and weight were recorded from 4 sampling points, near gravel quarries. The results show that only young specimens were found. The highest total length value was 22.77 cm, while the highest weight recorded was 121.08 g. Most vimba bream were captured in the first location, where less anthropogenic pressure exists. The populations are in decline in this region because of gravel quarries, among other factors.


anthropogenic change; condition factor; mining; substrate; total length.

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