Milk Price Comparison Between Six Years from Romania and European Union

Anamaria VÂTCĂ, Anca ROTARU, Ștefania GÂDEA, Sorin VÂTCĂ, Valentina STOIAN


Milk price tendency is essential for the national economy and protection of milk producers. The constant need to align with European standards motivate this study to assess the interaction of milk prices in our country compared to the European Union. The objective of the study was to statistically compare the prices from Romania and UE. For a deep overview we took into consideration the quantity from Romania and most important qualitative milk parameters namely protein and fat content. The data was from 6 years from 2013 until 2018 and from all four seasons. Analysis of variance was performed together with mean comparisons between different years and seasons. Milk medium prices were higher with at least 20% in UE compared to Romania. Prices were higher in autumn and winter rather than in spring and summer proportionally with the quantity of milk. Protein and fat content was significantly higher in autumn and winter season.


Milk price; protein; fat; change; strategy.

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