Artificial intelligence, a possible solution for agriculture and animal husbandry sector?

Ancuţa ROTARU, Anamaria VÂTCĂ, Ioana POP, Luisa ANDRONIE


This paper aims at making a review of the artificial intelligence concept, its global scope from the agro-livestock sector perspective and the understanding, approach and application of this concept Romania in early 2021. Artificial intelligence is a computer science sub-field that is materialized by algorithms developed starting from the logical or mathematical models of the cognition, perception and action processes. Globally, large agricultural companies are trying to grasp concepts such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analysis. These areas have moved rapidly towards the agro-livestock sector too, but most companies have not been prepared to deal thoroughly with these new technologies. It really sounds interesting, but what does it take to take the next steps? The voice of the expert says: “If we really want to have a global impact on food sustainability, production and safety, we need to think about data standards, data sharing, benchmarking and analysis on aggregated data sets. Today, we see farmers who are reluctant to share data with agritech companies that have developed closed systems, which will hinder the evolution of things” (Claudia Roessler, IT specialist, Microsoft).


artificial intelligence; agriculture of the future; mathematical logic.

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