The Settlement of some Perennial Fodder Plant Mixtures in Ecological Conditions of Transylvanian Plain

Nicuşor SIMA, Gheorghe MIHAI, Rodica SIMA, Mihai OLAR, Dorin PLEŞA


Sown pastures in general and those sown with complex mixtures particularly, well adapted to some ecological conditions, through their multifunctional character can represent real alternatives to annual fodder cultures. In this paper are presented the results of an experiment that followed the behavior of eight complex mixtures of perennial fodder plants and a pure alfalfa culture, fertilized with three doses of fertilizers (N0; N60P70; N120P70 kg∙ha-1). Between the two studied factors (mixture and fertilization), fresh matter yield at first cycle of harvest was significantly influenced only by mixture. The highest fresh matter yield at the first mowing was recorded by mixture five consisted of red clover and four poaceous species (Trifolium pratense, Dactylis glomerata, Festulolium, Phleum pratense, Lolium perenne).


fodder, fresh matter, mixtures, mowing

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