Studies Regarding the Influence of Organic and Mineral Fertilization on the Permanent Grassland from MaramureÈ™ Depression - Petrova

  • Doru Cristian Criste University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Keywords: permanent grassland, fertilization, nutrients


Permanent grasslands have a remarkable importance for our life and for natural environment preserving. They provide various species of herbs, which through the help of the animals are converted into the most valuable foods such as milk and meat and other important animal products.

Most part of peoples want to live in a developed society, with plenty of technology, that makes the life more easy. An alternative like this leads to important climatic changes and causes damages to agriculture. In the last decades grasslands were also affected by these climatic changes and in order to have higher forage productions their management had to be adapted to these changes. Compared to other annual crops, whose requirements for nutrients are known, the vegetation of permanent grasslands is heterogeneous, consisting of a large number of perennial species with different requirements for nutrients.

These nutrients can be supplied due to organic and mineral fertilization.

In recent years the alert lifestyle and day by day problems forced the farmers to make several compromises in order to facilitate their work. So they turned increasingly more and more to chemical inputs in order to grow both the food production and fodder yields.

The negative impacts of the intensive system of agriculture on the environment determined decreasing of biodiversity, pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases, health problems and increases of agricultural products price. Thus in the last decades the extensive system of agriculture became more interesting for farmers and consumers. An alternative for an extensive management of grassland can be considered the usage of organic fertilizers.

The aim of this paper is to present a comparative study between two methods of fertilization of grasslands, organic and mineral, and to encourage the farmers from Petrova - MaramureÈ™ Depression to begin the ecological conversion.

Author Biography

Doru Cristian Criste, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Department of Forage Production, PhD Student