Rye Flour and Resting Effects on Gingerbread Dough Rheology

  • Anca Tulbure EXTRA SIB SA
  • Mihai Ognean
  • Claudia Felicia Ognean
  • Ioan Danciu
Keywords: gingerbread, rheology, dough, rye flour, farinograph


Dough represents a decisive stage during manufacturing of all products which have as main ingredient flour. Rheology describes the properties of doughs and explains their behaviour during processing. Gingerbread dough is very complex. The aim of this work was to explore how replacement of wheat four with rye flour and resting time improved dough rheology. Brabender Farinograph E and Farinograph method AACC 54-21, Constant Dough Weight Procedure were used to evaluate rheological properties of dough. Dough development was delayed through low water content and high level of sugars. Wheat flour replacement with rye flour improved rheology, the doughs were formed more rapidly and were less sticky. Dough resting allow the flour components to hydrate and the dough become more consistent and dryer. A 25-30% wheat flour replacement seemed to be optimum