The Naturally Conducted Reproductive Behaviour of Sander Lucioperca L.

  • Alexandru Drasovean USAMVB Timisoara
Keywords: Pike perch, Sander Lucioperca L, behaviour, reproduction, tanks


The necessity of fish intensive breeding, pike perch in particular, has led us to inventive methods of accelerating the natural process of fish growth. This can be achieved through studies concerning different behaviour processes, in this case the reproductive process of Sander Lucioperca L.

These findings shall help further activities concerning intensive cultures in recirculating systems by controlling the mating phenomenon and reducing the risks of loss. This, in turn, will provide a larger number of larvae and eventually a more efficient fish culture production.

Author Biography

Alexandru Drasovean, USAMVB Timisoara

USAMVBT-Department of Aquaculture ,

phD student, dvm, engineer